If I Had a Hammer…

New construction is INSANE right now…

Colorado is bustling with new builders – and there’s just as many new developers building custom homes, as there are traditional, home-building agencies building hundreds of homes where nothing but farm ground previously existed.

It can be overwhelming.

Or – It can be exactly what you’re looking for.

Depending on you or your family’s needs, going the custom route might be the perfect solution. You’ll get to design the layout, features and specific amenities you want in your dream home. In many cases, you’ll also get to choose the lot where your home will be built – and can work with the builder regarding any questions that come around.

Then again – buying into a newly constructed community has its advantages as well… Your home will likely be completed faster (since there’s an entire crew working to build hundreds of houses on a deadline), and you get to move into a brand new home that nobody’s lived in but you! And because the home is part of a larger community, there are usually parks and open space within the community itself.

Bottom line – Don’t be afraid of new construction.

I’ve known buyers who fell in love with a new-construction custom home, and still own that home decades later. It was the right choice for them. Had they started with a smaller “starter” home, they might never have found the home they always wanted.

Your dream home is out there… waiting for you… And who knows if it just might be being built as we speak…

With BTH-Love,

Carrie Lakey

Carrie Lakey is a Realtor with Equity Colorado

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