Get Your Home SOLD!

Putting your house on the market is not easy.

Well, actually, I lied. The truth is, it’s pretty simple to put a house up for sale. What’s not easy – is SELLING your home for the price you want.

Even in this crazy seller’s market, some agents struggle with finding the right buyers for a particular house (and to me, “the right buyers” mean people who are willing to make a solid offer and can qualify for such a home).

Frankly, there’s a big difference between someone who knows how to put your house on the market and someone who knows how to sell your home.

The good news is – When you work with a real estate agent who understands the tricks of how to market your home to potential buyers, I can promise you – the home selling process just got a lot easier!

Sure you can hold an open house… Sure you can put the home in the MLS… Sure you can put it on your Facebook page, website and other social media outlets…

But if the house isn’t being presented well through the basic description and the photos – you’ll never get anywhere.

Worse yet, if the house isn’t “ready” for potential buyers to see themselves living in your home, the offers will be slim to none.

Finally – if you have a number in mind, but your agent doesn’t have the guts to tell you that number is too high, then you’re going to alienate an entire group of people who CAN buy your home (because they’ll never come see it).

Not to mention additional advertising, flyers, color brochures and connecting sellers with a potential buyer who’s already working with that agent to find a home in the market. Oh – and making sure the whole transaction passes inspection, appraisal, and lending guidelines…

You see? It’s not just about selling your home. It’s about the whole freaking process of getting your home SOLD.

That’s the difference a realtor makes.

Let me know if you’re tired of trying to “sell” your house – And if you’re ready to get your home SOLD… I’d be happy to help 🙂


Carrie Lakey is a Realtor with Equity Colorado

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One thought on “Get Your Home SOLD!

  1. Carrie is one of the nicest, and most professional, people I know (and I have known her for a number of years). I don’t need a realtor at this time, but when I do, I will be calling her.


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