If She Can Do It…

Back when I was studying in preparation for the real estate exam, I’m slightly embarrassed to say… I had a few meltdowns. OK – more than a few.

If I were being totally honest, I’d have to say, there were many moments on any given week, which essentially adds up to the fact that I FREQUENTLY considered throwing my computer out the window (just fyi, Colorado requires 168 total credit hours of prep before you can take the exam. Hence, my “many moments”).

However, when the going got tough, there were a few things that kept me going. The idea that I could give people a smooth real estate transaction, allowing them to own their first home… The idea that I could strategically invest in certain properties and over the long-term, see those properties materialize into strong financial gains… And more.

But if I can truly bare my soul and be frank with you – when the courses became too overwhelming and frustrating, one thought kept me going more than anything else.

“If (name of someone I know in real estate) can do this, then I can do it too.”

Yes, when I wanted to quit, all I had to do was remind myself that I knew people who had passed the real estate exam – and lived to tell about it. If that person could do it, surely I could too.

All of these feelings came rushing back to me this weekend when I witnessed the winner of the Ms. United States Woman Division…

Photo from Sierra Scott’s Facebook page

In a nutshell, if you’d like to compete in the Ms. United States Woman pageant, you have to be a natural born female who’s single (not currently married), age 30 or older – and it doesn’t matter if you’ve been married before or if you’ve ever had kids before. You’re still eligible as long as you meet those initial requirements.

OK – So back to my real estate analogy… Here’s the situation… When I saw the winner of the Ms. United States Woman division, I was amazed… The winner, was Sierra Patricia Scott, Miss Kansas (whooooo hooooooo), who is 53 years old!!!

Yes, Sierra bested 40 other women in the Ms. Woman division to take home the crown – and the majority of those ladies were closer to their 30’s than they were to their 50’s!

How did she do it? And how does this relate to real estate? Well – Here’s a few things I see…

Sierra pictured with her mother after winning the Ms. United States Woman title. Photo from Sierra Scott’s Facebook page

She Set a Goal
In an interview with the Wichita Eagle Beacon, Sierra said she set a goal to participate in one final pageant before she turned 55 (Sierra was previously named Miss Missouri 1989). In the same article, Sierra also said, “I am better about motivating myself to get in shape and better myself, if I have a date to do it by,” she said.

Whether you’re trying to buy your first home, upgrade on your current home – or maybe there’s another important thing in your life you’d like to achieve, you’ve got to set the goal – AND the deadline!

The deadline is what forces you to get to work. Anybody can say they want to achieve something – But if you’re not willing to get to work, I’m afraid your “goal” is really nothing more than a dream.

Something else I’ve found extremely helpful in my own life, is writing down my goals. At first, I was deathly afraid of writing down my goals… After all, what if I wrote them down and didn’t reach them??? Lol! Once I got over myself and realized I was the only one who had to see my goals – and that it was ok to adjust my goals depending on the opportunities in front of me – writing goals down was no big deal. Now, it’s second nature to me and I have a book of goals in several different areas of my life I’m working to achieve.

Photo from Sierra Scott’s Facebook page

She’s Comfortable With Herself
Sierra could’ve tried to dismiss her age by saying “it’s only a number” – but she didn’t dismiss it – Instead, she embraced it! I’m sure it’s not easy competing in a pageant against 30 year old ladies, but Sierra understood the situation and was comfortable enough to be upfront about her age.

When it comes to real estate, pretty frequently I see home-sellers trying to down-play the parts of their home they don’t like. Their mindset is one of, “If I don’t think this room is a selling point, then let’s not talk about it at all!” Unfortantely, that’s the wrong approach.

EVERY home on the market has it’s pluses and minuses – but you know what? Each buyer has a different set of reasons for why they buy a home. Your minuses, might just be their greatest pluses! And if you avoid taking photos or mentioning a certain part of your home, you might just miss out on the very buyer who is DESPERATELY looking for what you have to sell! Don’t ignore the areas of your home that you consider “flaws” – Instead, embrace them and get excited about the kind of buyer who needs precisely what you have to offer!

Photo from Sierra Scott’s Facebook page

She Had a Vision
In a video Sierra created here, she talks about being a cancer survivor and how she wanted to advocate for those in similar circumstance. And in an article at News4Jax.com, Sierra said she wanted to encourage women over 50 who think their lives are over.

“…If you’ve got a dream to be in a pageant at 53, be in a pageant at 53. If you’ve got a dream to own a company at 53, own a company at 53. It’s not time to quit. It’s time to get started,” Scott said.

Having a vision is key when buying a home. Although none of us know exactly what the future holds, all of us should have some idea of where we are headed in life. If you have children, do you want to live in a loft downtown, or would you rather raise them in another area of town? If you’re not thrilled with your job, there’s no need to buy a home just because it’s 5 minutes from where you work!

Your real estate investment will yield the most back to you when you’ve held that piece of property over the long term. Therefore, having a greater vision for what you want out of your life will ABSOLUTELY help you in your home-buying search – And, it will allow you to feel incredibly satisfied – maybe even downright giddy – with the home you choose!

Photo from Sierra Scott’s Facebook page

Now, please don’t get to thinking I’m considering entering a pageant… I mean, KUDOS to Sierra and everyone else who performed at the Ms. United States pageants this weekend, but that’s not the moral of this story…

Instead, the moral of the story is…

If you find yourself frustrated, or ready to throw your home-buying experience “out the window”… You now have someone you can reference while pulling yourself together and getting back on track…

Just repeat the following statement to yourself…

“If 53 year old Sierra Scott can win a beauty pageant, surely I can do this…”

And I bet you can!


Carrie Lakey

Carrie Lakey is a Realtor with Equity Colorado

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Carrie Lakey is a Realtor with Equity Colorado